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Episode #191 - Take off, You Hoser!

How's it going, eh? Beauty. So, like, this is by request. Ok - so a listener asked if we had  enough Canadian artists to make a podcast. Of course we do - more than enough! So put on your toque, fire up some back bacon, grab a cold one and listen to this podcast full of tunes from our friends in the Great White North.

Track Listing:

1) Eyes Of A Stranger - Payola$

2) Gonna Get Close To You - Dalbello

3) Mimi On The Beach - Jane Silberry

4) Not In Love - Platinum Blonde

5) Out Of Luck - Pointed Sticks

6) Teenland - Northern Pikes

7) Living On Video [Original 1983 Version] - Trans-X

8) I'm An Adult Now - The Pursuit Of Happiness

9) Sunglasses At Night [Extended Version] - Corey Hart

10) Apple Strudel Man - Jolly Tambourine Man

11) Hawaii - Young Canadians

12) Disco Sucks - D.O.A.

13) Where Do The Boys Go? [Extended Version] - Men Without Hats

14) Lust For Love - Images In Vogue

15) Echo Beach - Martha And The Muffins

16) City Of Night - Rational Youth

17) The Beat Goes On / Switchin' To Glide - The Kings

18) Nova Heart - The Spoons

19) Tired Of Waking Up Tired - The Diodes

20) Runaway With My Love - Tapps

21) I Want You Back - Sherry Kean

22) Take Off - Bob and Doug McKenzie (with Geddy Lee)