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Episode #165 - Upbeat and awesome, it's what we do.

Welcome to August and another great chunk of music for you! More obscure gems, along with some well known favorites.Punk, goths and cast off rejects of our musical culture that made all the innovations and inroads and new kinds of music but got none of the glory or the money. To play in or form these DIY bands, experience wasn't needed, a desire to play was. Technical ability was a bonus, a hunger to perform a must. 

Track List:

1. Time Out For Fun - Devo 

2. Hurt - New Order 

3. I'm Watching You - The Press Club 

4. Soldier Of The Fashion [Extended] - This Fear 

5. Holiday Girl - The And 

6. The Phone Call - The Pretenders 

7.  Never Stop - Echo And the Bunnymen 

8. After The Snow Melts - Clever Lines 

9. AEIOU Sometimes Y - Ebn-Ozn 

10. The Man Who Dies Everyday - Spot The Dog 

11. Cool Places [Doorman's Delirium Mix] - Sparks 

12. She Blinded Me With Science [Extended] - Thomas Dolby 

13. Cry Without Tears - The Wait 

14. Ghost Child Veldt 

15. Gratitude [Tornado Version] - Oingo Boingo 

16. In Between Days [Original 12" Version] - The Cure 

17. The Motion Of Love [12"] - Gene Loves Gezebel 

18. Major Tom [Extended] - Peter Schilling