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Episode #142 - We're So Thankful For Y'all!

So we have a fresh new podcast for y'all! Things keep getting busy here at the Alt80 Studios, but we keep plugging away, doing our best for new podcasts for your listening pleasure - and here's our latest result. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American listeners - and especially to any that me stationed away from home. And for the rest of you - we're thankful for all of you!

Track Listing:

1. Black Hit Of Space - Human League

2. Tenant - Siouxsie and the Banshees

3. Brush Fire - B-52s

4. Waiting For Delmore - Algebra Suicide

5. It's Been A Long Time [Razormaid Remix] - Dead Or Alive

6. Modesty Plays [New Version] - Sparks

7. I Threw A Brick Though A Window - U2

8. Mouth Of An Angel - Two People

9. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

10. Close To The Edge [Ruff Mix] - Art Of Noise

11. Move [Original Mix Unreleased 1984] - Ministry

12. Everybody Wants To Work - Uncanny X-Men

13. Your Heart Keeps Burning - Blind Date

14. A Japanese Dream - The Cure

15. Standing In The Shower...Thinking - Jane's Addiction

16. I Don't Remember - Peter Gabriel

17. Possessed To Skate - Suicidal Tendencies

18. Bedsitter - Soft Cell

19. Low Life - The Police

20. Will You Stay Tonight? - Comsat Angels