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Episode #126 - Music Too Cool To Forget!

Welcome to the end of October! Hopefully you grabbed last week's Halloween podcast and are still playing it. Tried to lighten the mood a bit after the dark themes from the last podcast. Here's hoping y'all enjoy it! Remember you now find us on Stitcher at as well as iTunes Kepp spreading the word, and get your requests in!

1.) Away - The Bolshoi 

2.) The Bridge - Cactus World News

3.) Radio Free Europe - R.E.M.

4.) Working With Fire and Steel [mix] - China Crisis

5.) A Million Things - The Lucy Show

6.) Living On The Ceiling - Blangmange

7.) Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One - The Smiths

8.) Mother's Talk [Beat of the Drum mix] - Tears For Fears

9.) Infected - The The

10.) Seattle - Public Image ltd.

11.)  Big Time Operator - Dead Milkmen

12.)  Give It Time - The Woodentops

13.)  My Boyfriend - The Cucumbers

14.)  Revenge - Ministry

15.)  Don't Let's Start - They Might Be Giants

16.)  Preacher Man - Fields Of The Nephlim

17.)  Beauty Lies In The Eye - Sonic Youth

18.)  Birds Fly [Whisper To A Scream] - Icicle Works

19.)  I Got The Message - Men Without Hats

20.)  Chizoola - Haysi Fantayzee

21.)  Never You Done That - General Public

22.)  Milk From The Coconut [part 1] - Toto Coleo