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Episode #124 - Downtime Won't Keep Us Down!

Finally - a new podcast! Between an almost week-long system failure, followed up with a two-day internet interruption, I thought we'd never get this podcast up! Well here it is, a week later than planned (hence the date discrepancy at the opening), but better later than never. So here it is - hope y'all enjoy it. And hey - welcome to all the new listeners who have found us as a result of us now being on Stitcher!

Track Listing:

1.)  Heaven - Psychedlic Furs

2.) Could This Be Heaven - Original Mirrors 

3.) Images of Heaven - Peter Godwin 

4.) (Feels Like) Heaven - Fiction Factory

5.) If There's A Heaven Above - Love and Rockets 

6.) Heaven - Talking Heads 

7.) P4F- Propaganda For Frankie

8.) Blondie - Will Anything Happen?

9.) The Walls Came Down - The Cult 

10.) Positively Lost Me- Rave-Ups

11.) Don't Crash The Car Tonight - Mary's Danish 

12.) This Green City - The Glove 

13.) Language Is a Virus - Laurie Anderson 

14.) Running Up That Hill [12"  Mix] - Kate Bush 

15.) Pale Shelter [EP Extended Version] - Tears for Fears 

16.) One Thing Leads To Another [Rhythm Scholar Full Deception Remix] - The Fixx 

17.)  Two Hearts Beat As One - U2

18.) Escape the Escape - Tuesday Blue

19.) Icehouse - Uniform [German version]