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Episode #116 - May We Please You?

Another month - another awesome podcast! We want to thank all of our listeners for downloading the podcast, subscribing, and spreading the word; nothing makes us feel better than hearing from you and knowing you're enjoying the podcast. With that being said, we crammed a lot of your favorites in this episode, had a hard time finishing it up - we wanted to keep going, we were having so much fun! Anyhoo - here it is!

Track listing:

1. Talking Heads -  Burning Down the House [Alternate Version]

2. Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz

3. The Waitresses - Thinking About Sex Again 

4. Human Sexual Response - Dick and Jane 

5. Voice of the Beehive - I Say Nothing 

6. Surf Punks -  Locals Only

7. Cowboy Mouth - Hurricane

8. Iron Curtain - Shadow

9. Missing Persons -  Action Reaction [Studio Version] 

10. ABC - How To Be A Millionaire [AudioDile's Bankrupt Mix] 

11. Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss [Censored Version] 

12. Simple Minds - Speed Your Love To Me 

13. Howard Jones - New Song 

14. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer [Dance Remix]

15. Scary Thieves - Tell Me Girl 

16. U2 - "40" 

17. Naked Eyes - When the Lights Go Out 

18. Real Life - Send Me an Angel [Original Extend Mix] 

19. Bill Nelson - Acceleration [Remix] 

20. Grandmaster Flash - White Lines [Don't Don't Do It] 

21. Freur - Doot-Doot [Extended 12" Mix]