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Episode #113 - New to You, Rare to Us

Welcome to yet another new podcast featuring some of the greatest new wave and alternative music to come out of the 80s! We realized there are a lot of bands that had a slow start in their success, which meant some of their music went unheard. Add to the the unrealized gems that were tucked away on the B-sides of singles, Promotional copies never "officially" released, limited edition pressings for fan clubs and such, and you have a crapload of great music that went essentially unheard. Well fear not, faithful listeners - we're hear to help & educate. This podcast is full of such rarities - after all, that's what this podcast is all about! So while you will recognize the "mainstream" alt bands this week, hopefully a lot of this music is brand new to you. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Icehouse - Crazy (Manic Mix)

2. The Cure - Snow in the Summer

3. Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor! (Live)

4. Soft Cell - Metro Mr X

5. The Police - I Burn for You

6. Depeche Mode - Ice Machine

7. Yazoo - Tuesday (Live on BBC 1982)

8. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Sufferagette City

9. Prince - Good Love (Original version)

10. Berlin - A Matter of Time

11. The Cars - Funtime

12. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Follow the Sun

13. The Glove - Like an Animal (Robert Smith vocal demo)

14. Bauhaus - Boys

15. The Creatures - Standing There (Andalucian mix)

16. Wendy O. - Stand by Your Man (featuring Lemmy)

17. Huang Chung - Rising in the East

18. Pat Benatar - Sex as a Weapon (Promotional 12" mix) 

19. Art of Noise - Closely, Closely (Enough is Enough)

20. Van Halen - Finish What Ya Started (Remix)